What We Offer


Apple muffins

Included in our training is the option for nutritional counseling, life coaching and a community of healthy, active people.  This ensures you see the most dramatic results, and will help to keep you motivated and engaged, while meeting new people who share the same commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  We will guide you toward eating real, whole foods that taste amazing.  Check out our blog for a sample of some of our favorite recipes, and our calendar of events for some great free classes/workshops.

Weight-loss, youth fitness, pre/post-natal fitness and core conditioning are our specialties.  We want to help people become happy, active, and healthy.  Our lifestyle revolution will transform you!


Our training is effective and focused on getting the most powerful results.  But most of all we strive to make it fun, interesting and tailored to you – your personality, your interests, goals and current lifestyle (we will help you change that part later).

We fully believe that even though it’s exercise, it should still be fun, enjoyable, and make you feel alive.  Our programs can be activity specific – to improve your golf game, to get you ready for the wedding, to help you lose weight and learn to love being active.  It’s based on fun and enjoyment.  We promise.

On-site Training

Park workout

 We come to you – your living room, your office, or a park nearby.  Since nobody has enough time, our on-site training is ultra convenient and hard to skip out on.  This is one way we make sure you see change.  All you need is a little space and we can work around everything else – meetings, children’s naptime, the coffee table.  If you have a group of co-workers or friends we can design a semi-private class or partner training session.  It will be even more fun, and you’ll be even more accountable (translation, even better results).  Pretty awesome motivation!