Real Life Weight Loss – Tiger Style

real life weight loss

I have had the pleasure of working with a beautiful, talented and hilarious young woman (we call her Tiger).  Kathryn dedicated her summer to working out (sometimes twice a day!), she revamped her diet, took on physical and nutritional challenges, mastered all the workout games we played and is seeing fantastic changes.  This is real life weight loss – Tiger Style!  Aside from kicking ass on the challenges, what I am most amazed by is the confidence she now has in her ability to be in control of her life – how she spends her time, how she fuels her body, and how she thinks of herself.  I am so impressed and inspired by her that I asked her to write a guest blog post about how to stay motivated and on-track with goals.  Here is her brilliance aka her 5 tips for survival:

Real Life Weight Loss – Tiger Style

Recently I have decided to do a nutrition challenge that involves eliminating wheat, processed foods and sugar.  At first that seems like a very daunting challenge but by following my five tips for survival you can achieve it!

1.  My first tip involves ignoring. By ignoring that one food item that you can’t stop thinking about and doing something else like going on a walk outside even just around the block, can really help you distract yourself.  If the first tip does not work for you, attempt tip #2.

2.  Choose something equal in your mind to the bad food item.  If I really want chocolate chip cookies I choose raspberries instead because in my mind they are equally as tasty.  In the summer when I wanted ice cream I made a smoothie from raspberries, milk, coco powder and ice.  It worked!

3.  Do activities!  This really helps me especially because if I go and do something else and focus on one activity I feel less need to think about food.  (Anna’s note: aside from her workouts with Brendon and I, Kathryn started doing Wii Fit yoga and sports games in her free time).

4.  Substitute.  Tip number four is one of my favorites because you get to find substitutes.  Substituting good recipes in place of bad ones has really helped me know what is going into my food and it also makes me even more aware of what is healthy and what is not.  This tip can be really fun to use because you can take recipes that you like and play with them to make them even healthier. An example includes Shepherd’s Pie. The original recipe includes ground beef, carrots, peas, celery and potatoes.  But this recipe can be made even healthier because you can substitute turkey for the ground beef and mashed cauliflower and sweet potatoes for the white potatoes.

5.  Motivate yourself.  The fifth and final tip is the most important to me because it is what keeps me going.  The final tip is all about motivating yourself by saying “I have already done this challenge for 3 weeks, if I cheat now all my hard work will have been for nothing.”  By saying that to myself whenever I am tempted to quit it gives me motivation to keep on going with the challenge.

So by following my five tips I am sure that you can complete the challenge as well!

-Tiger (Kathryn) Nairne

If you are interested in other posts on motivation, check out our 10 Ways to Boost Motivation.  And in upcoming posts I will share some of the workout and nutrition challenges Kathryn took on, as well as some of our favorite workout games.  So check back soon!


These are the stairs at the Railpath.  For one challenge Kathryn and Anna completed 22 rounds of these killers.


Kathryn in her extreme plank-off!