Ontario Early Years: Resources We Love


Some amazing and free resources for parents!

Ontario Early Years Programs.

There are centres all over the city that offer a place for babies and toddlers to play, great circle times, snacks for toddlers and parents, parent support and occasional parent relief (aka babysitting). All free. Our favorite is the College Montrose OEY : http://cmcp.ca/

Parenting and Family Literacy Centers

(in public and catholic schools).  Seriously awesome space for babies and toddlers, with lots of educational/sensory-based/play-based learning tools.  Usually they include circle times everyday, and each centre has their own set of activities they do, based on the teacher’s interests/experience.  The program at St Helens School is amazing.  This program is free and runs during the school year:  http://www.tdsb.on.ca/_site/ViewItem.asp?siteid=201&menuid=1001&pageid=732

La Leche.

Incredible breastfeeding support, and a community of awesome, informed, amazing people: http://www.lllc.ca/find-group

The Stop

: Runs many amazing community based programs that promote outreach, cooking, and wholesome nutrition. They have a program called Healthy Beginnings & Family Support for low income parents and parents to be. Please check them out and consider donating anything you’re not going to use again (they have a list on their website of things they are in need of). A seriously wicked program. http://thestop.org/home