10 ways to boost your motivation

10 ways to get motivated

We can all use a bit of motivation sometimes – to push through a workout (or just to put your running shoes on), to embrace the chaos of life, or to just get some positive focus back.  Here are our top 10 ways to boost your motivation.

1. Start.

Begin anywhere, even if it’s crap.  That’s what I tell myself as I stare at my computer screen, willing my dissertation to be finished.  It’s also what gets me off the couch and into the kitchen to chop onions and garlic (the two things I start most dishes with) when all I want to do is relax.  And when I don’t feel like moving because of mental/emotional exhaustion, I start by putting my running shoes on and walking down the stairs.  Often just starting is the hardest part.  Take it one step at a time.

2.  Give yourself mini-goals before you give up.

Run to the top of the next hill, and then see how you feel.  Keep pushing for one more circuit, then see how you feel.  Give it 15 more minutes before you throw the towel in, and then see how you feel.  Sometimes we just need that extra bit to push through the barriers we create for ourselves.  If we give in to our impulse to stop/quit/slow down, we won’t feel what we’re capable of.  And it’s often so much more than we’re aware of!

3. Slow down.

This may seem like a paradox to #2, but relax.  Enjoy a walk where you notice the smells and textures and beauty of your surroundings.  Sometimes we suffer a lack of inspiration rather than a lack of motivation.  Take time to remember how fabulous your life is.  Be grateful for all you have and are capable of.

4. Try something new.

If you’ve begun hating/dreading/avoiding what you’re doing, try something else.  Something fun.  As long as it lines up with your goals, any activity you do to get there is great.  Especially if it brings joy to your life.

5. Be social.

Turn your workouts into social time spent with friends/your partner/your kids.  Not only does it make the workout much more entertaining, you’ll also be motivated to work harder, without even realizing it.  Go to a park and be around other people.  Call a friend and meet for a walk/coffee/lunch/something.  Join our Meetup Group and enjoy a free workout with lots of other amazing parents.  Stay connected, it makes life better!

6. Put together a fabulous playlist.

Or check out Songza and listen to one someone else has put together.  Whatever kind of music gets you excited, happy, and wanting to move.  Make a kick-ass soundtrack for your life.  This is one time I do recommend plugging in :) .

7. Congratulate yourself on something you accomplished in the past 24 hours.

It could be small, simple, not very profound to anyone but you, but it counts.  It will help re-focus you on how you’re already pretty awesome.

8. Dress up.

I read once that as a mom sometimes the best thing you can do is to slip on a pair of your favorite jeans and heels.  You’re still a mom, but a sexy, glamorous, beautiful mom.  The same logic applies here.  Put on whatever makes you feel best – if you’re working out, put on your best workout duds, or pull up your fabulous neon knee-high socks.  Wear a dress to have dinner with your toddler.  Try out some lingerie you feel gorgeous in, rather than your go-to sleep wear of shorts and a tank top.

9. Turn off the procrastination.

Shut down Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/TV/Netflix.  If it gives you anxiety just thinking about unplugging, keep this in mind: when we’re spending time in the “virtual” world, we miss out on what’s happening now, right here.  We’re unaware of our bodies, our breathing, what’s happening just outside our windows.  Yes, stay connected and use social media for all of its positive elements.  But think about how much time and energy it sucks from your day.  Use a little of that time to take a walk, read a book, have a conversation in person, or workout.  We really do have time if we look carefully.

10. Realize that we all have an expiry date.

This is directly related to #9.  As morbid as it sounds, I often ask myself – if this is my last day on earth, will I be happy with it?  Will I have spent it doing something I love with the people who matter most to me?  Seriously, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so why not chose to make today beautiful?  And on that note, I’m shutting my computer off and going outside with my amazing son and my wonderful husband.  And even if we’re just going to slowly walk around the block, I’m going to dress up :)

If you have other suggestions we would LOVE to hear what you do to stay motivated!  Send us a message, Facebook us, tweet it to us, or drop us a comment.