Our mission is to start a healthy lifestyle revolution. We are health and weight-loss experts and we want to help you change your life. Our focus is on educating, motivating and tackling the mental and emotional elements of lifestyle change. We target issues of obesity in youth and adults, help families become and stay healthy, and offer corporate fitness that promotes a positive, active workplace.

Our goal is to make exercising fun, to help you physically and mentally feel better – stronger, sexier, healthier and more confident. If you want to transform your life we want to help you.

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    Anna has taken herself from being overweight to being a slim, strong, confident personal trainer, and then from pregnancy to post-pregnancy rehab and reshaping. She understands the mental and emotional aspects of weight-loss, and the commitment it takes to change your life. She strives to help people change the way they feel about their bodies, and her workouts are always interesting, fun and will make you feel in control of your life. Her training specialties include core conditioning, plyometrics, functional movement (great for post-rehab), youth fitness, pre and postnatal training, Pilates, Yoga and kickboxing. All you have to do is show up and she will help get you the rest of the way.